Mamediarov to focus on NK conflict resolution in Moscow

Aug 16 2004


BAKU, AUGUST 16, ARMENPRESS: In an interview to Azeri Zerkalo,
Azeri foreign minister Elmar Mamediarov said before his visit to
Russia that the important issue to be raised there will concern to
the role of Russia as a mediator for Karabakh conflict and a chair of
OSCE Minsk Group. The next group of questions will relate to economic
ties between the two countries. The sides will also refer to Caspian
Sea issues.
According to Mamediarov, Russia plays a decisive role in Karabakh
conflict resolution. Azerbaijan thinks that unless the conflict is
resolved there will be no stability in the region. “Therefore we
think that politically stable and economically strong Caucasus is in
the interests of all countries which have their stake in the region,”
he said. He also said that relations with Armenia are deeper though
Russia has strong economic interests in Azerbaijan. “If Russia were
interested in conflict resolution, peace would be sooner achieved in
the region,” Mamediarov said.
Zerkalo daily asked about recent talks especially at the military
level saying that negotiations are in deadlock and military force
should be used to liberate the lands, to which Mamediarov answered, ”
we are talking at the level of foreign ministry and not ministry of
defense. As a foreign minister I would to that last point insist on
peaceful regulation of the conflict.”