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Stated His Holiness Aram I

Antelias, Lebanon – In an interview with the press, His Holiness Aram I
reaffirmed his conviction that “The Armenian Christian education must
acquire a priority place and a major focus on the agenda of the Church,
particularly in the Diaspora”. Referring to the Pan-Diaspora Conference,
initiated by His Holiness himself, Catholicos Aram I considered it “a
significant and a concrete step forward in terms of developing a
pan-Armenian policy on education”. According to His Holiness, such a policy
must, “first, critically review the present educational methodologies,
strategies and programs; second, it must take into consideration the impact
of globalization and the actual realities and emerging concerns related to
specific environments; and third, it must aim to make education more
relevant and credible”. For His Holiness the globalized world constantly and
seriously challenges us to take seriously “our educational norms and values
by remaining faithful to the Gospel message”.

Ms. Armenoush Arakelian, the chairperson of Educational Committee in Iran,
stressed the unique importance of the Conference which will undoubtedly
bring education to the fore of our attention.

Mr. Levon Ananian, the president of the Writers’ Association in Armenia,
pointed out the vital importance of the Conference which provided the
possibility to look at the question of education in a broader perspective.

Mr. Berdj Terzian, the chairperson of the Armenian community’s Executive
Council in Egypt, stressed the need of implementing the findings of the
Conference to specialized committees.

Mr. Hagop Balian, an educator and journalist from France, challenged the
mono-culture of globalization, considering education an important instrument
to strengthen our identity.

Ms. Silva Kouyoumdjian, a young woman and a college director from Istanbul,
Turkey, considered the Conference as an important forum for sharing the
experiences and also for looking together ahead.

Mr. Samuel Sarkissian, an educator from Argentina, underscored the
centrality of education for the Armenian communities in Diaspora, reminding
the need for interaction with our environment.

Mr. Vazken Madenian, a young college director from USA, stressed the need to
give a particular attention to the local context in our educational work.

Mr. Arto Ayvazian, a community school director from Cyprus, made an appeal
to the Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia to take the lead in reorganizing
education in the worldwide Diaspora.

Ms. Aznive Arabian, an educator from Aleppo, Syria, reminded to the
Conference the need of adapting our educational methodologies to the new
development, strengthening at the same time our Armenian-Christian values as
the basis of our educational policy.

Mr. Mihran Kurdoghlian, a college dean from Greece, welcomed the initiative
of His Holiness and urged to make it a continuous process.

Mr. Manoug Demirdjian, a young educator from Australia, called for a balance
between the Armenian-Christian dimension and global dimension in our
educational programs.


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From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress