First Issue of “Literary Criticism” Periodical Released


YEREVAN, August 11 (Noyan Tapan). The first issue of the “Literary
Criticism” periodical was released upon the initiative of the
Institute of Literary Criticism after M. Abeghian and the Writers’
Union of Armenia. Literary critic Azat Yeghiazarian, editor-in-chief
of the periodical, told NT’s correspondent that the issues of the
history of the Armenian literature and the development of the modern
literature, as well as theoretical problems will be covered in the
magazine. According to Azat Yeghiazarian, the creative activities of a
number of Western Armenian writers weren’t sufficiently studied for
some reason or other. “We are still far from the entire notion about
the Western Armenian literature. One of the main tasks of the new
periodical is to fill this gap,” he mentioned. Articles on Hakob
Oshakan, Byuzand Topalian, Andranik Tsarukian, Kostan Zarian and many
other Western Armenian writers have already been published in the
first issue of the magazine. Azat Yeghiazarian mentioned that the
magazine will also give its pages to young literary critics, as
according to him, “they should continue, develop and deepen all the
traditions that the Armenian literary criticism has, as well as should
advance new ideas and approaches, being grounded on these traditions
and achievements of the world literary criticism ideology.” It should
be mentioned that it is expected that the extracts from the “White
Book” of Avetik Isahakian dedicated to the Armenian Genocide, some
letters of Hakob Oshakan, as well as the memoirs of Maro Alazan on
Yeghishe Charents, Nairi Zarian and other writers will be published in
the second issue of the “Literary Criticism Magazine”.