Armenias Considers Resumption of War w/Azerbaijan Main Mil. Threat


YEREVAN, August 10 (Noyan Tapan). 2,021 respondents and 50 experts
participated in the public opinion and expert polls conducted by the
Armenian Center of National and International Studies (ACNIS).

According to the results of the polls made public during the ACNIS
seminar, 44% of experts considers that the resumption of the war with
Azerbaijan is a main military threat for upcoming 5-10 years. 47.5% of
the respondents of the public opinion polls holds the same opinion. On
the question “Whom do you consider the enemy of Armenia?” 76% of
experts answered “Azerbaijan”, 64% of experts answered “Turkey”.

According to the results of the public opinion polls, 90.9% of
respondents considers Azerbaijan as an enemy state, 78.2% considers
Turkey as an enemy state. 66% of experts and 90% of participants of
the public opinion polls consider Russia as a friendly state. 64% of
experts and 46.8% of the population expressed positive attitude
towards Russia. But the assessments of experts and population
concerning the issue of the deepening of the relations with Russia and
the US are quite different. 76% of experts is for the deepening of the
relations with the United States and only 30% of them considers that
the further deepening of the relations with Russia is necessary. As
for the results of the public opinion polls, 35.6% of respondents
considers that one should deepen the Armenian-American relations and
51% considers that one should retain their present level. Almost 77%
of respondents is for the further deepening of relations with
Russia. 36% of experts and only 2.2% of the population are for the
restriction of relations with Russia.

According to respondents of both the expert and public opinion polls,
the confrontation of the authorities and the population, as well as
the consequences of the faked-up elections represent a danger among
the domestic problems.