BAKU: Defense Ministry Confirms Reports on Azeri

Baku Today, Azerbaijan
Aug 10 2004

Defense Ministry Confirms Reports on Azeri Soldier’s Capture

Baku Today 10/08/2004 18:20

The Defense Ministry has confirmed the reports saying that Anar
Samadov, 21, a soldier of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, has been
taken captive by Armenians.

According to the Ministry, work is underway to release the soldier
from captivity. Samadov’s parents have appealed to the Defense
Ministry and the International Committee of the Red Cross to get the
latest information about the fate of their son.

Samadov, who was doing his military service in the «N» military unit
in Gapanli village of Terter District, was taken captive on August 2
after he lost his way and came closer to the positions of the
Armenian military units.*