Volumes of RA Bank Currency Deposits Continue Increasing


YEREVAN, August 9 (Noyan Tapan). According to the indices of 19
Armenian banks, the money mass in the republic increased by 4 bln, 299
mln drams reaching 242 bln, 389 mln drams (around $466.1 mln) from
July 23 to 31. During the same period cash amount increased by 643 mln
drams in comparison with the previous week standing at 85 bln, 955 mln
drams. According to the data issued by the RA Central Bank, on-call
deposits increased by 1 bln, 161 mln drams reaching 29 bln, 40 mln
drams, and deposit accounts increased by 72 mln drams reaching 9 bln,
503 mln drams. Currency deposits increased by 2 bln, 424 mln drams and
made the sum equivalent to 117 bln, 892 mln drams. The money base
increased by 2 bln, 19 mln drams amounting to 113 bln, 288 mln drams
in the republic on August 5. During this period net foreign assets
(without means of privatization) increased by 969 mln drams, and net
home assets increased by 1 bln, 50 mln drams.