Municipal elections conducted in NKR

NKR Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Aug 9 2004


On August 8, elections to the bodies of self-government were
conducted in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic.

According to the preliminary data, in the Republic, as a whole, 61.1
per cent of the voters took part in the elections. The attendance of
voters in the NKR capital of Stepanakert comprised 41.1 per cent.

In Stepanakert, according to the results of the voting, none of the
five candidates for the post of the capital major did not get the
necessary 50 and more per cent of votes. According to the acting
legislation, the second round among the two candidates who gathered
the greatest number of votes must take place in two weeks, on August

Former Vice-Major of Stepanakert Pavel Najarian who gathered almost
43 per cent of votes, passed to the second round. Head of the
Commission on Social Issues of the NKR National Assembly, leader of
the recently created political organization “Movement-88” Eduard
Agabekian is behind by almost 10 per cent.

It is possible to follow the process of the elections in the on-line
regime on the Internet site