BAKU: OSCE working group on NK to assess “elections” in NK

AzerTag, Azerbaijan State Info Agency
Aug 9 2004

[August 09, 2004, 16:17:41]

`The OSCE working group engaged in settlement of Nagorny Karabakh
conflict, should give principle assessment to the 8 August elections
to local authorities passed in Nagorny Karabakh’, Mikhail Margelov,
chairman of the Committee on international affairs of the Council of
Federation, commenting the elections at the occupied Azerbaijani
territory – Nagorny Karabakh, stated in an exclusive interview to
AzerTAj correspondent.

In his words, this action will be negatively perceived in Azerbaijan
and in such a sharp and tactful situations it is necessary restraint
and balance.

Russia many times has stated that recognizes territorial integrity of
Azerbaijan and all other states stemming from the universally
recognized international laws, he underlined. `We ourselves have been
for many years combating separatism in our country and are never
interested in expansion of separatism in the CIS space’, he added.

Chairman of the Committee of the Council of Federation on
international affairs emphasized that nobody needs war in the
Caucasus and because of this it is necessary to activate the efforts
on side of the OSCE or CIS, and also actively seek new forms and
formats for settlement of this conflict. `Perhaps, Russia will make
every effort’, concluded Mr. Margelov.