It’s Dangerous to Swim in Yerevan Pools


YEREVAN, August 5 (Noyan Tapan). The decorative pools and lakes of
Yerevan aren’t envisaged for swimming and can’t provide the security
of the swimmers. Nune Bakunts, the chief specialist of the
Sanitary-Hygienic Inspection of the RA Ministry of Health, declared
this at the August 5 press conference. According to her, as different
stray animals may freely enter these poools swimming in them is very
dangerous from point of view of spreading of different infectious
diseases. It was aslo mentioned that though upon the decision of
Yerevan Mayor notices prohibiting swimming will be placed in the
neighbourhood of these pools nevertheless the population’s attention
should be once more drowned to this problem. At present, according to
Nune Bakunts, there are no epidemics of acute intestinal deseases in
the capital. As to the Jrashkhar (Water World) aquapark, M.Bakunts
said that it’s controlled by their department and all the sanitary
norms are observed there. Anahit Hovhannisian, the chief specialist of
the Department on Mother’s and Child’s Healthcare of the Ministry of
Health, reported that the ultra-violet sunrays may be especially
dangerous not only in the respect of skin burns, but they may also
provoke violation of metabolism in consequence of loss of liquid and
gist by the organism, may suppress the immune system of the child,
which leads to activization of diffeent illnesses. It was mentioned
that often rise of temperature, dizziness, sickness are observed in
case of sunblows and in this case the people should apply to the