DM Reps visit Striking Freedom Fighters


YEREVAN, August 4 (Noyan Tapan). On August 4, at 9:00 am, the
sit-strike of 20 freedom-fighters, participants of 9 detachments of
Artsakh liberation movement, moved to the building of RA
government. To recap, the main demand of the freedom-fighters is
addressed to the government: to carry out allocations for providing
their families with flats. Armen Avetisian, the Head of the Armenian
Aryan Unity, told Noyan Tapan that on the first day of the strike the
representatives of the Defence Ministry visited the participants of
the strike.

They assured that all the organization work directed to providing the
families of the perished freedom-fighters of disabled freedom-fighters
with apartments are completed: the corresponding commission has
already compiled the list of these families. To recap, the
participants of the sit-strike demand that the RA government and the
National Assembly should adopt a law on conferment of the status of a
freedom-fighter to the volunteers who were at war on the fromt for six
or more months, as well as should restore the privileges and rights of
all the freedom-fighters by the law. One of the demands is equating of
the pension of the disabled freedom-fighters of the third group to the
pension of a warrant officer.