Vacancies on Natural-Scientific Specialties of Higher Schools


YEREVAN, August 4 (Noyan Tapan). As of August 2, 13,958 applicants
took examinations in the higher schools of Armenia, 19% of them
received 19 and 20 points, and 13% received unsatisfactory marks. RA
Minister of Education and Science Sergo Yeritsian said during the
August 3 press conference that a 100% excellent result was registered
on the “Persian language” examination: one applicant who took an
examination on this subject received 20 points. According to the RA
Minister, the high result on the “German language” and “French
language” subjects is registered this year: 42% and 35%, respectively.
In comparison with last year works estimated as unsatisfactory were
more on the subject “History of Armenian People” (28% instead of 22%
of last year). According to the RA Minister, the number of applicants
who didn’t come to the examination decreased by 10% in comparison with
last year. 1,120 works have been appealed from July 20 up to
day. Marks of 963 out of them remained unchanged, and they were raised
in 157 cases. The greatest number of appeals was submitted on the
subject “mathematics” (416 cases) and mark were raised in 46
cases. Marks were increased only in 10 works out of 200 works given
for the repeat appeal (by 1 point). The Minister said that parents
were also present at oral examinations this year for the first time,
as a result the number of appeals decreased sharply. Sergo Yeritsian
also said that the vacancies will remain on the line of
natural-scientific specialties as a result of the competition in the
higher schools of Yerevan and the regions. Additional competitions
will be announced for them. The greatest number of the maximal point
(20 points) made 304 on the “Armenian language-1” subject from July 20
to present. And the number of minimal points (below 8) was registered
on the subject “mathematics” – 484.