Russian regional leader offers energy cooperation to Armenia

Russian regional leader offers energy cooperation to Armenia

2 Aug 04


Armenian Deputy Speaker Tigran Torosyan met Komi President Vladimir
Torlopov today. The Russian ambassador to Armenia, Anatoliy Dryukov,
attended the meeting as well.

The press service of the Armenian parliament told Arminfo that at the
meeting Torosyan stressed the importance of establishing and
developing interregional ties and said that trade and economic ties
with the Republic of Komi are promising for Armenia. He hoped that
certain agreements would be reached as a result of the current
visit. The importance of the integration of the Armenians living in
Komi and their status as full members of society was emphasized as
well. Speaking about trade and economic relations, the sides stressed
the importance of resuming the railway link, which would become a
stimulus for developing the economies of the South Caucasus countries.

Torlopov spoke about the existence in Komi of major resources of oil,
gas, coal and other natural resources and expressed his readiness for
direct cooperation with Armenian entrepreneurs. Torlopov stressed the
importance of the parliament’s legislative assistance to the
development of cooperation and exchange of legislative experience. The
sides discussed a number of other issues as well.