Armenia Not to Deploy Foreign Bases on its Territory – Envoy


Interfax news agency
3 Aug 04

Moscow, 3 August: The Armenian ambassador to Russia, Armen Smbatyan,
has confirmed that his country has no plans to allow the establishment
of foreign military bases on its territory.

“The possibility of deploying third countries’ bases in Armenia is out
of the question. There is simply no such issue on Armenia’s foreign
policy agenda,” Smbatyan told Interfax on Tuesday (3 August).

Commenting on observers’ opinions on the rivalry between Russia and
the United States in former Soviet republics, including the Caucasus,
the ambassador said that these allegations lack any sound grounds.

“In my opinion, remarks about a collision of the interests of Russia,
the United States and Europe on the former Soviet territory are
exaggerated. Caucasian countries are primarily guided by their own
interests while developing their policy,” the diplomat said.

Yerevan’s foreign policy is driven by “Armenia’s current interests” as
well, he said.

Commenting on the situation in the CIS, Smbatyan suggested that
integration processes within this organization have been proceeding
slowly, particularly in the economic sphere. “A revision of values
needs to take place. It is necessary to take a new approach to
building relations between the CIS countries, as well as to accelerate
the development of economic relations,” he said.

Smbatyan said he shares Russia’s opinion that “it is necessary to
centre efforts on raising the level of relations between the CIS

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress