Armenian Veterans Demand Free Flats


Noyan Tapan news agency
3 Aug 04


Members of the Artsakh liberation movement went on an open-ended
sit-in in Yerablur today. The protesters are demanding that funds be
allocated from the budget so as to provide them with flats.

Armen Avetisyan, leader of the Armenian Aryan Union, told Noyan Tapan
that a commission of the Armenian Defence Ministry has prepared a
special list which says that the families of killed azatamartiks
(freedom fighters) and disabled azatamartiks must be provided with
flats. However, he said, the Armenian government has not started
allocating money for these purposes yet.

The protesters are demanding that the government and the National
Assembly pass a law on granting the status of volunteer azatamartiks
to people who fought in the front line for six and more months and
also to restore privileges and the rights of all the
azatamartiks. They want pensions paid to disabled azatamartiks of the
third degree to be equalled to pensions of warrant officers.

Avetisyan also said that the government and parliament have been
informed about the sit-in which will be halted only when an agreement
is reached between the protesters and the government.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress