AGBU Gen Next’s 2nd Annual Artistic Showcase a Hit

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Tuesday, August 3, 2004


Pasadena, CA – The Second Annual Artistic Showcase was held on Sunday
June 27, 2004 in the AGBU Pasadena Center’s Boyajian Hall. The unique
program brought together an array of musical, artistic and fashion
personalities that demonstrated to the Generation Next mentees the
cultural creativity in their own community.

Along with the performances of guest artists Lucy Nargizyan, Jaime
Avila, and Zvart Zulfayan, one of the mentees displayed rare talent
when they played a moving piece by Armenian composer Chebotaryan.
Those that attended the event, were also welcome to tour a special
exhibit of the visual culture of Armenians that included art,
photography, historical Armenian maps, and select objects from the
postal history of Armenia.

In addition to the exhibit, mentee Sona, who mounted a popular fashion
show at last year’s Artistic Showcase, returned this year to explain
the extensive work involved in designing dresses and accessories.

The afternoon ended with a surprise video production entited “Let’s
Dance,” which was realized through the combined efforts of a group of
mentors and mentees. Produced under the direction of Edna Shakhmalian,
who spent many hours finalizing the tape, all those involved in the
project were exposed and educated about the process of filming and
editing footage.

The AGBU Generation Next Mentorship Program is currently seeking
dedicated, qualified young adults to mentor the Armenian youth of
Southern California. Established in 1997 by AGBU Young Professionals
of Los Angeles, AGBU Generation Next’s mission is to serve the
Armenian youth of Southern California by providing them with guidance
and mentorship. Adult volunteers from the Generation Next Mentorship
Program act as positive role models and introduce young Armenians to
new experiences and alternatives, enabling them to become responsible,
self-sufficient, and independent adults.

To receive more information about the program or to request an
application to become a mentor, please call 626-794-7942 or email
[email protected].