Price For Firewood Grows About Twice in Javakhk


AKHALKALAK, August 2 (Noyan Tapan). The heads of the Akhalkalak and
Ninotsminda regions have applied to the territorial leadership of
Samtskhe-Javakhk for getting a privilege for obtaining 30 thousand
cubic meters of firewood. Winter in these regions is colder and longer
and according to the calculations of the leadership of the regions,
firewood of about the above-mentioned amount is necessary for spending
the winter. After the collapse of the Soviet Union wood is considered
to be the main fuel for winter. If in the Soviet years coal was
considred to the more advantageous fuel, it’s rather expensive
“pleasure” now.

In the recent year the residents of Javakhk bring wood from Bakuriani
and Adigen forests. This year the new authorities of Georgia have
strictly prohibited cutting down of forests and according to the
A-Info agency, the territorial leadership will hardly satisfy the
request of th residents of Javakhk. Firewood is much cheaper by the
state licence and the price for firewood on the black market has
increased nearly twice in comparison with the previous year, at
present 1 cubic meter of firewood costs 180-200 laries ($90-100). At
least 5 cubic meters of firewood are necessary for each familiy. The
high prices for firewood create unbearable situation for residents of
Javakhk and they only hope for elimination of prohibition of cutting
down of forests.