Armenian budget surplus 1% of GDP in H1

Aug 2 2004

Armenian budget surplus 1% of GDP in H1

Yerevan. (Interfax) – The budget surplus in Armenia in the first half
of 2004 amounted to 5.96 million dram or 1% of GDP, a source in the
republic’s Finance and Economics Ministry told Interfax.

Budget revenue in January-June this year amounted to 126.766 billion
dram (21.1% of GDP), with expenditure of 120.8 billion dram (20.1% of

Armenian GDP in January-June 2004 increased 9.1% year-on-year to
600.04 billion dram.

The republic’s budget for 2004 was confirmed with a deficit of 42.9
billion dram or 2.53% of GDP. Revenue is planned at 274.1 billion
dram, with expenditure of 317 billion dram.
The official exchange rate on July 30 was 519.07 dram to the dollar.