Armenia & Russia Komi may cooperate in food & construction material

Aug 2 2004

YEREVAN, AUGUST 2, ARMENPRESS: The head of the Komi Republic of
Russia V. Torlopov who is on a visit to Armenia from July 30 to
August 3 has visited the monument to the victims of the Armenian
Genocide and put a wreath to the memory of the victims. Attending the
Genocide museum and learning about the sad pages of Armenia history,
Torlopov said that Russian and Armenian nations have commonalities in
historic fate. He said the happenings to the Armenian nation reminds
him the incidents of World War II.
Speaking on the aims of his visit, Torlopov said that he wants to
find lines of cooperation between the Komi Republic and Armenia.
According to him, thanks to 5000 Armenian residents of Komi certain
trade turnover is already observed but the economic ties should be
enhanced. For example, the world famous Armenian brandy and wine are
little known in Komi and its head expressed readiness to support
businessman who would be willing to further business ties. V.
Torlopov noted that at certain level the two republics are
cooperating in the field of tourism but this needs boosting, too.
According to Komi industry minister N. Gerasimov, cooperation may
be achieved in two fields – wood industry and agriculture. Komi is
known for its woods. At present there is a possibility of
establishing a wood processing industry in Armenia. However, serious
concern rise transport routs. Anyway, wood is even now imported to
Armenia to a certain degree.
Gerasimov said that Armenia is first and foremost an agricultural
country and export of agricultural products may outline the second
line of cooperation. V. Torlopov said that Armenians have been living
in Komi since 1940 and are rather active. He said the biggest
business union in Komi, the chamber of commerce and industry, is led
by an Armenian. Another leading position in the republic, deputy
health minister has been an Armenian doctor for 20 years now.