PM receives newly appointed Iran Ambassador

July 30 2004


YEREVAN, JULY 30, ARMENPRESS: Armenian prim minister Andranik
Margarian received today the newly appointed ambassador of Iran to
Armenia Ali Reza Haqiqian.
According to government press services, congratulating the
ambassador on his new tenure in our country, Margarian voiced hope
that Armenian-Iranian relations will continue to boost during his
term in office. He said history long friendship between the two
nations, historical cultural ties, mutually beneficial relations
between Armenia and Iran since Armenia’s independence are creating
good grounds for boosting relations.
Andranik Margarian noted that Armenia prioritizes both bilateral
and multilateral relations with Iran promoted by high level meetings
and exchange visits on both sides. In this context, the sides
underscored Iranian president Mohammad Khatami’ s visit to Armenia on
September 8-9, 2004.
During the meeting, the two men emphasized also that multifaceted
relations between Armenia and Iran not only are within the interests
of both country but are favorable for the whole region. Iranian
ambassador noted that his country is not only interested in the
regional peace but in domestic stability in Armenia and its economic
The two men underscored May 13, 2004 agreement on building
Iran-Armenia pipe line and also building a hydro power station on
Arax river. The also attached importance to the 4th session of
intergovernmental committees held in Tehran on December 9-11, 2002
during which a number of important documents were signed.
At the end of the meeting, Andranik Margarian wished success to
the newly appointed ambassador in his mission in our country and
expressed his personal and the government’s commitment to support