BAKU: Authorities ban party’s pickets over Armenian officers’ visit

Azeri authorities ban party’s pickets over Armenian officers’ visit

Turan news agency, Baku
30 Jul 04

Baku, 30 July: The Baku mayor’s office has refused to authorize a
series of pickets and protest actions that members of the United
People’s Front of Azerbaijan Party UPFAP were planning to stage in
early August.

A press release issued by the party describes the actions of the
mayor’s office as a “gross violation” of the law “On freedom of

We should remind you that UPFAP activists were going to picket the
Foreign Ministry on 2 August and the Defence Ministry on 3 August.

Protest actions were to be staged outside the US, French, German,
Italian, Greek, Polish and British embassies on 4-13 August.

The UPFAP was going to express its dissatisfaction with the
forthcoming visit to Baku by Armenian officers to participate in NATO
exercises in September.