Tbilisi: Armenia interested in Abkhaz railway

Messenger.ge, Georgia
July 29 2004

Armenia interested in Abkhaz railway

As reported in Mtavari Gazeti, the Armenian delegation visiting
Georgia once again voiced its interest in restoring the Abkhaz
railway. Several months ago, representatives of the Armenian
government said that Armenia is losing millions of dollars because of
the closure of the railway.
Armenians continue to sow the results of Karabakh war even today.
Azerbaijan creates a lot of obstacles in the economic relations with
Russia, the paper reports.
Even though the issue of restoring the Abkhaz railway cannot be
settled without Russia, the Armenian delegation visited Georgia with
this end in view. During this visit, a bilateral commission was set
up which will look into issue of restoring Abkhaz railway. Chair of
the parliamentary committee on the economy Niko Lekishvili told
journalists that Armenia is interested in restoring the Abkhaz
railway and it will help Georgia resolve the Abkhaz conflict.