Need for mobilizing policy

Online Armenian Newspaper
An ARF Publication
July 29, 2004

Need for mobilizing policy

When a nation rejects and distrusts both the authorities, and parties, it
means that the nation rejects any way of political organization.
In politics authority plays the role that money does in economy. Both are
meant for state construction.

If any of these two elements loses value, it impacts social-economic,
spiritual and political lives. Given that Armenia is in a dangerous region,
these issues are still more urgent. Only reliable mechanisms in interior
system can defy the external dangers.

We nee internal discipline, rule of law, interdependence of national and
business elements and legitimacy of national understanding.
The history shows that in such situation nations need a mobilizing policy.

Mobilization is really needed, when a nation is in a crisis and its core
existence is in jeopardized. The main steps for improving the situation
imply centralization of governance, establishment of a just system of
distribution, strict control and precision of political field.