Lavrenty Barseghian Dispels Info re Meeting with Turkish Scientists


YEREVAN, July 28 (Noyan Tapan). Information about the Viennese meeting
of Turkish and Armenian scientists who exchanged the documents for and
against the Armenian Genocide and about the presence of Lavrenty
Barsegian, Director of the Genocide Museum, at this meeting doesn’t
completely meet reality. Lavrenty Barseghian reported about it to the
“Marmara” newspaper, emphasizing that he didn’t leave Yerevan and,
hence, didn’t participate in the Viennese meeting. To recap, “Marmara”
reported about the meeting on July 21, referring to the Turkish
“Milliet” newspaper. In reality, according to L. Barseghian, there was
no meeting held as there were no scientists leaving Armenia. Lavrenty
Barseghian reported that he himself sent 85 documents to the Viennese
University. The documents were taken from the archives of Germany and
Austria that were allies of Turkey then. He will send another hundred
documents from the German archives to the Viennese University
soon. But there was no meeting in Vienna, because the Armenian side
doesn’t agree to make the issue “whether the Genocide had taken place
in reality or not” the subject of the discussion. Lavrenty Barseghian
said that they are sorry that they couldn’t take part in the meeting,
but the position of the Armenian side is firm. Lavrenty Barseghian
emphasized in his interview to the “Hayastany Hanrapetutiun”
(“Republic of Armenia”) newspaper that Wolfditer Bihl, a famous
historian, PhD of the Viennese University, was the initiator of the
meeting. He organized so-called Armenian-Turkish platform and
suggested that the Armenian and Turkish scientists should meet in
Vienna, previously presenting the documents regarding the 1915 events.