Documentary aims to provoke debates on how to end conflicts

July 29 2004


STEPANAKERT, JULY 29, ARMENPRESS: A documentary shot by Georgian
filmmakers in cooperation with their counterparts from the breakaway
region of Abkhazia and telling about the Armenian-Azeri dispute over
Nagorno Karabagh was shown to residents of Stepanakert, the capital
of Karabagh. The film became possible thanks to funding from Heinrich
Bell Foundation from Germany and the British Reconciliation Resources
Walter Kaufman, a representative of the Heinrich Bell Foundation
in the South Caucasus, said before the show of the documentary that
one of the major objectives of the Foundation in the region is to
help societies of the conflicting nations to restore the confidence.
The documentary, he said, was to show how people on different sides
of the barricades were looking at the conflict.
Mikhail Mirziashvili, one of the directors of the film, said: “You
will not find in this documentary an answer to a question as who is
to be blame for the conflict, who is right and who is wrong. We have
tried to describe the conflict from a human being’s viewpoint.”
According to him, one of the goals is to push people from rival
camps to start debates over what to do to and how to do to end
confrontation. Two other documentaries, shot by the same team and
telling about Georgia’s conflicts with South Ossetia and Abkhazia
will be also shown to Stepanakert residents