FM concerned over Azeri president’s announcement

July 28 2004


YEREVAN, JULY 28, ARMENPRESS: ” If it were a simple public speech
made by Azeri president concerning domestic politics we wouldn’t have
reacted. But this time he addressed Azerbaijan’s ambassadors and this
rises serious concerns. This one indicates that in reality Azerbaijan
is not interested in a peaceful regulation of the Karabagh conflict
and pins its hopes on a forced solution,” Armenian foreign ministry
press secretary Hamlet Gasparian said, commenting on a recent speech
by Ilham Aliyev addressed to his ambassadors in which he had said
that if negotiations were fruitless Azerbaijan would use all means to
liberate its territories, including military force.
“We have stated that in case of any attempt to resolve Karabagh
conflict by force means the consequences will be disastrous for the
whole region and for Azerbaijan in the first place,” FM press
secretary said.