RA Ambassador to Baltic Countries Hails Current Coop Level


YEREVAN, July 27, (Noyan Tapan). “Three Baltic countries are
interested in the integration of the South Caucasus in the European
and Euro-Atlantic structures too. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are
ready to support the three countries of the South Caucasus in these
problems”, Ashot Hovakimian, Armenian Ambassador to Poland and Baltic
countries, told NT. According to him, the Baltic countries try to find
their place in the European Union and NATO by conducting active policy
in the Caucasian countries to let the latter make use of their
experience of cooperating with the European structures. Ashot
Hovakimian reminded that the Baltic countries put forward the 3+3
cooperation formula in 2003 i.e. three Baltic and three Caucasian
countries. “Though our regions are different, there are some
similarities. They share the same Soviet heritage and are regarded to
be the experts of our region. It must not be percieved in a wrong way
i.e. to say that they are willing to take patronage. No, they are
ready to give us what they have already passed”, the Ambassador
emphasized. Ambassador Hovakimian gave a positive assessment to the
current level of the cooperation between Armenia and the Baltic
countries. According to him, the visits of the President of Armenia
paid to all Baltic countries in 2003, as well as the mutual visits of
the foreign ministers of Armenia and of those countries witness about
the active political ties. Ashot Hovakimian gave special importance to
the visit of the former president of Lithuania to Armenia and said
that the visits of the presidents of Latvia and Estonia to Armenia are
also expected.