BAKU: Aliyev met heads of diplomatic missions of the republic abroad

Azer Tag, Azerbaijan State Info Agency
July 27 2004

[July 27, 2004, 21:04:49]

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on 27 July at
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs met heads of the diplomatic missions
of Azerbaijan functioning in the foreign countries.

Head of state looked through the monument erected to the national
leader of Azerbaijan people Heydar Aliyev at the foyer of the

Foreign minister Elmar Mammadyarov opened the meeting.

Noting that national leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev has
determined the priorities of foreign policy of Azerbaijan Republic
the foreign minister said that concrete and consecutive works should
be carried out in this direction.

He also noted that the law of Azerbaijan Republic `On diplomatic
service’ adopted on 8 July 2001 regulates activity of the foreign
ministry and promotes execution of state’s foreign policy determined
by President Ilham Aliyev.

Then, the foreign minister cited as example that currently Azerbaijan
has established diplomatic relations with 156 countries. 26 embassies
and 16 international representations are functioning in Baku, the
Minister said. Azerbaijan has 21 embassies, 5 permanent
representations, 2 consulate generals and 2 honorary consulates
abroad. Foreign missions are expected to be opened recently in
Bulgaria, Belarus, Indonesia, Kuwait, Canada, Latvia, India, Hungary,
Japan and Greece.

Azerbaijan is a member of 44 international and regional
organizations. 22 Azerbaijanis work at these organizations.
Azerbaijan has joined 250 conventions, the Minister stressed.

Mr. Mammadyarov further noted that it is Azerbaijani diplomatic
missions that are realizing the country’s foreign policy, and named
among their most important duties intensification of their activities
towards fear solution to the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, reinforcing
the fight against anti-Azerbaijani people propaganda pursued by the
Armenians, continuation of rendering humanitarian assistance to
refugees and internally displaced people, tracking the Azerbaijan
related materials in foreign mass media etc. The Minister pointed out
as well that economic issues, relations with Azerbaijani Diaspora
abroad, as well as protection of the rights of the Azerbaijani
juridical and physical persons abroad should also be focus of our
diplomatic missions’ attention.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is ready to play a key role in
development of important documents related to the country’s foreign
policy, national security and military conception, he said. Minister
Mammadyarov also expressed the opinion that the Ministry should be
involved both in cooperation with Milli Majlis and development of
Inter-parliamentary cooperation in an everyday basis.

To defend Azerbaijan’s interests under conditions of globalization,
the coordinating role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should be
provided with certain work.

Along with some questions, on this purpose the Foreign Ministry
prepares appropriate documents on priority issues of foreign policy
and submits to other governmental structures of Azerbaijan.

Internal composition of the Ministry should be improved and bring in
conformity with the foreign policy priorities. To this end, some
departments of the Ministry will be abolished, while some others be
set up. Issues of integration to the European structures, sections on
archives, training centers and other structures will be established.
The Ministry’s Board should be set up. Appropriate proposals have
already been submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers.

We must activate the work with the local and foreign mass media,
Elmar Mammadyarov underlined. Briefings on the organized events, the
position of our state on separate questions of foreign policy should
be disclosed for mass media representatives in a defined order.
Propaganda and agitation through Internet should be strengthened.

The diplomatic service should be provided with worthy and able
personnel meeting international standards. The Foreign Ministry
carries appropriate work in this direction. We must ensure openness,
transparency, objectivity, professionalism and clear principles in
selection of staff members and other issues in the Ministry.

Summing up my remarks, I would like to underline that the diplomatic
service in Azerbaijan has been established after restoration of
statehood in a new environment, the Minister said. Our diplomats have
a lot to do.

Addressing the President, the foreign minister assured the head of
state that the personnel of diplomatic service bodies would make
every effort to realize the tasks put forward.


President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev made a speech at the meeting.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress