Arminco, Intel Creating Wireless Internet Infrastructure in Armenia


YEREVAN, JULY 26. ARMINFO. The largest provider-company “Arminco”, in
cooperation with the “Intel” corporation, is creating an
infrastructure to introduce the Centrino wireless Internet technology
in Armenia, Director of the “Arminco” company Andranik Alexanyan told

He said that since the program is first of all intended for students,
the concept of the “Intel” corporation is that as many students as
possible purchase notebooks operating on Centrino, which implies the
organization of wireless Internet points. “If this type of
communication arouses others’ interest, measures will be taken to
increase the number of such points in Yerevan,” Alexanyan said. The
“Arminco” company has installed 50 points in Yerevan today to serve
500-600 users. Alexanyan pointed out that the company charge standard
Internet access prices (except for the dial-up-type communication),
0.05 USD for 1Mbyte of information. “Whether it is much or little is
another matter, but, considering the price for the E1 Internet channel
(21,000 USD a month), this is the minimum that can be provided in
Armenia now,” Alexanyan said.

The Centrino technology is an integrated radiomodem-notebook, which
allows the user to get connected to Internet both as a fixed and a
mobile user. The UNICOMP company produces notebooks operating on the
Centrino technology in Armenia.