Poland to get 440,000 euros from European Refugee Fund

PAP Polish Press Agency
PAP News Wire
July 25, 2004 Sunday

Poland to get 440,000 euros from European Refugee Fund

Warsaw, July 25

Poland will get 440,000 euros this year
from the European Refugee Fund to receive immigrants, their
integration and for repatriation of displaced persons, the interior
ministry reported in a statement issued to PAP.

To get the money Polish institutions and non-governmental
organisations have to cover 25 percent of an undertaking from their
own funds.

Head of the section for the European Refugee Fund Bartosz Ziolkowski
said this year the section received 507,000 euro worth of projects for
legal, medical assistance to refugees, the purchase of clothes and
footwear and assistance in repatriation.

Last year more than 6.9 thousand people applied for a
status of refugee with 82 thousand from Czechnya. the group of
applicants included also citizens of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Armenia
and India. Close to 50 percent of them were houses by refugee