Armenian Democrats to Join In Ethnic Diversity Celebration at DNC

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July 25, 2004
Contact: Tsoghig Margossian
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Armenian Democrats to Join In Ethnic Diversity Celebration at the
Democratic Convention

* DNC Convention Features Ethnic Caucus Meeting; Highlights
Pivotal Role of Ethnic Vote

Boston, MA: The Armenian American Democratic Leadership Council
(AADLC) and Armenian American Democrats from across the country
will participate in a celebration of ethnic community activism
hosted by the National Democratic Ethnic Leadership Council (NDELC)
at this week’s 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston. The
reception is part of a series of programs, meetings and events
spotlighting the key role of ethnic communities in this election
season and throughout the American political process.

Grassroots leaders representing a diverse groups of ethnic American
communities, including Albanians, Arabs, Armenians, Germans,
Greeks, Italians, Irish, Polish, Serbian among many others, will be
joining together at the reception on Wednesday, July 28th, at The
Harp, across from the Fleet Center. Participation in the “NDELC’s
Celebration and Appreciation of Ethnic Democrats” is by invitation
only and has received enthusiastic responses from Convention
delegates, Members of Congress and community leaders who understand
the pivotal role that ethnic voters are expected to play in
electoral swing states this November. The reception is one of
several daytime and evening functions organized by ethnic
communities throughout the Convention week.

“The Armenian American Democratic Leadership Council is proud to
partner with the NDELC as it brings together ethnic community
leaders from across the country in support of the Democratic Party
agenda,” stated NDELC Board Member and AADLC activist Sushan
Demirjian. “We look forward to mobilizing the Armenian American
community, with its active presence in key swing states across the
country, to play a decisive role in support of the Kerry/Edwards
ticket and pro-Armenian democratic candidates on November 2nd.”

The National Democratic Ethnic Leadership Council (NDELC) is an
ethnic constituency based organization encompassing the community
of immigrants and descendants of immigrants who primarily trace
their heritage from Europe and the Mediterranean. During the
Clinton presidential campaign in 1992, democratic activists began a
deliberate initiative to redefine the Democratic Party’s
relationship with Ethnic Americans. Over the past twelve years, the
party has made great strides to ensure that Ethnic Democrats
continue to be players in American politics. The NDELC, with its
diverse membership including representatives of the Armenian
American Democratic Leadership Council, plays a pivotal role in
nurturing that relationship.

Democratic Party to Host Ethnic Democrats Caucus Meeting and
Workshop at Democratic National Convention
The 2004 Democratic Convention will also feature a first-ever
Caucus Meeting and Workshop bringing together ethnic leaders
committed to a Kerry-Edwards victory in November. Community
representatives will participate in briefings and a full agenda of
activities on Wednesday, July 28th from 10:00am to 12:00pm at the
Sheraton Hotel.

“Ethnic Americans have always been a base in the Democratic party.
The values of family, hard work, faith and opportunity are the
values that they bring to the Democratic Party and contribute to
building a stronger America,” explained John Kerry for President
Director of Ethnic Outreach George Kivork, who is helping to
coordinate the function.

The AADLC works with the Democratic National Committee to
foster support within the Armenian American community for
the Democratic Party and national Democratic office
holders, while promoting the election of Armenian American
Democrats to political office and encouraging participation
by Armenian American Democrats at all levels of the public
policy process.