Another Story on Armenian Navy Traditions


27 July 2004

“Respecting the traditions and the customs of our ancestors, the Human
Rights Declaration, we call for all the nations of the Earth to spare
no efforts to preserve peace in our planet that is fragile like a
highland crystal,” wrote “Cilicia” sailors in their statement,
enclosed it in the bottle of a newly drunk vine. On the very first
moment of the Sochi-Novorossiysk voyage Karen Balayan, the captain,
will throw the bottle into the sea. The statement also runs that the
sailors carry the Armenian state flag with pride. The sailors saidthat
the flags of the countries they will travel to will wave by the side
of the Armenian flag constantly. “By this, we not only follow the
traditions of the international navigation ethics but we also express
our sincere respect to all the nations of the planet,” the
declarations stretches.

“Cilicia” is very likely to continue its voyage. Hmayak Tarakhchian,
Deputy-Chairman of the club, informed Azg Daily that thanks to the
efforts of Stepan Kargosian, head of the Armenian Community
headquarter in Sochi, a new pair of steering oars is being made in one
of Sochi’s graving docks. He said that the sailors would have an
additional pair of steering oars to be on the safe side.

By Tamar Minasian