Tehran: MagMart Amu Darya

Tehran Times
July 24 2004

MagMart Amu Darya

License Holder: Center for Study of Central Asia and Caucasus

The new issue of the English Iranian journal of Central Asian studies
`Amu Darya’ recently hit the Iranian newsstands.

In this issue, you may find articles on security arrangements in
southern Caucasus, the Karabakh conflict: legacy of ethnic challenges
in the Soviet era, the GUUAM Alliance: formation, challenges, future
prospect and an article which surveys the importance of Caspian Sea
for the countries have interest in the region.

This edition also releases a full report on the 10th International
Conference on Central Asia and the Caucasus Developments, which was
held January 20 until January 21, 2003 at the Iranian Institute for
Political and International Studies in Tehran. Foreign Policy License
Holder: Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The contents of the new edition of the Iranian journal are as
follows: Identity of Government and Foreign Policy, Comparative Study
of Political Development in Iran and Turkey, Persian Gulf and Middle
East as the Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zones, UN Intervention
in the Post-Cold War Era: Threat to the Sovereignty of States, the
Interaction of International Environment and Development Mechanism
with National Priorities, and the Ambiguities of Security Council
Resolution 1422 (2002).

The journal also has reports and analyses on international law and
Muslim world, appraisal of the U.S. foreign policy in global
strategy, achievements and teachings of contemporary China, and
Libya’s disarmament and the role of UN Security Council. The journal
brings reviews on the books of Stephanie Cronin’s `The Making of
Modern Iran: State and Society under Reza Shah,’ Valery Fedorov’s
`Putin’s Era’ John Eric Lynne’s `Politics and Society in Western
Europe,’ and Ian Branley’s `International Law in Final Years of the
20th Century.’