Political Situation in Armenia Unpredictable: Vahan Khachatryan


YEREVAN, JULY 24. ARMINFO. The political situation in Armenia is
chaotic and unpredictable, therefore it has no prospects, the ex-mayor
of Yerevan, member of the “Armat’ public and political organization
Vahan Khachatryan told a press conference. The “Armat” organization
was founded by representatives of the former ruling party, Armenian
National Movement (ANM).

According to Khachatryan, the country’s authorities have no long-term
development program (the ones available are only a cover for the
international community), and their actions are aimed personal
enrichment. Corruption in all spheres, arbitrary rule in economy and
election system may not even me mentioned, as last year’s presidential
and parliamentary elections, dispersion of peaceful demonstration and
other acts of disgrace are still fresh in the people’s memory. In the
current situation everything depends on the opposition, the “Justice”
bloc and the “National Unity” party, on their commitment to the
principles proclaimed by them. In this context, September must give
answers to the questions as to whether the opposition return to
Parliament, resume rallies and so on. Khachatryan pointed out that
boycotting the Parliament means boycotting trips abroad (except for
OSCE sessions), and returning to Parliament means putting up with
election rigging,, political arrests, etc.. Political life in Armenia
is unfortunately full of criminal, and the authorities do not bear any
responsibility to society because they are illegal, so everything
depends on the opposition, Khachatryan said. He pointed out that all
the talks about a third force have been invented by the authorities to
“shatter” the opposition’s unity.

Khachatryan strongly disagrees with the opinion that the foundations
for corruption, election rigging and other unlawful acts were laid
under the ANM. “We were fully open, acted publicly. The incumbent
authorities tried to slander and condemn us, but nothing was
proved. Our real blunder was allowing the former party officials to
come to power,” Khachatryan said.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress