US Envoy Thanks Armenia for Antiterrorist Efforts


22 Jul 04


The outgoing US ambassador to Armenia, John Ordway, has described the
three years of his work in Yerevan as successful and is certain that
over this period, relations between Armenia and the USA have been
developing dynamically.

However, during the final press conference that was held today, he
said that Armenia’s relations with the USA should not be compared with
Armenia’s relations with other countries. It is possible to speak
about the efficiency of Yerevan’s complimentary foreign policy only
when talking about one country at a time, he said. “The
Armenian-American relationship has always been developing dynamically
in various spheres and I believe that it will continue to develop
successfully in the future as well,” Ordway said. He especially
thanked Armenia for its assistance to the USA in the fight against
international terrorism.

Bilateral military cooperation has also been developing successfully
during his tenure as a US ambassador to Armenia, he said, citing US
military assistance to Armenia, Armenia’s corporation with the state
of Kansas in the area of civil defence, Armenian peacekeepers’
participation in Kosovo operations and Armenia’s successful
cooperation with NATO. “As a member of NATO we can only welcome
that. In the future, Armenian peacekeepers’ participation in the Iraq
mission cannot be ruled out,” Ordway said.