Power in Armenia Must Be Changed in Peaceful Way

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YEREVAN, JULY 22. ARMINFO. Power must be changed in Armenia in a
peaceful way, Chairman of the opposition bloc “Justice” Stepan
Demirchayn stated at his meeting with representatives of the Armenian
community in Los Angeles.

According to him, the rumors that the Armenian opposition has
exhausted its potential do not correspond to the facts. S. Demirchyan
claimed that even in the summer the opposition is not resting, but is
actively preparing for its struggle against the Armenian authorities
this autumn. During the meeting, S. Demirchayn once more addressed
the issue of mass violations during the presidential and parliamentary
elections in Armenia in 2003. Speaking of the Armenian authorities’
struggle against corruption, he stressed that it can only be effective
after fair elections are held in the country, as the people that were
involved in election rigging are unable to battle
corruption. S. Demirchyan also stated that the Armenian authorities’
claims on an extremely high economic growth do not correspond to the
facts, as this economic growth has not improved the social conditions
in the country. “If a few persons got rich and filled their pockets
with money, it does not mean that economic growth has taken place in
the country or the population’s well-being has improved,”
S. Demirchyan said.

It should be noted that the Armenian community in Los Angeles
supported Stepan Demirchyan in the presidential election in Armenia in