Armenian scientists deny Turkish reports about exchange of documents

July 22 2004


YEREVAN, JULY 22, ARMENPRESS: Lavrenty Barseghian, the director of
Genocide Museum-Institute, denied Wednesday media reports that Turks
and Armenians had exchanged documents in Austrian capital Vienna to
discuss, as Turks put it, “the so-called genocide allegations.”
Armenian mass media reported, citing Turkish newspapers that Turkish
and Armenian scientists met in Vienna on July 16th under chairmanship
of Prof. Bihl of Vienna Armenian Turkish Platform (VAT) and exchanged
documents concerning the Genocide.
“The reports about the alleged meeting came as a big surprise and
I think they were concocted by Turks to disrupt the planned meeting
,” Barseghian, who was supposed to be one of the two Armenian
scientists to visit Vienna, told Armenpress, adding that none of the
two was in Vienna on July 16.
Barseghian said he will travel to Vienna later and will take
documents from German and Austrian archives who were Turkey’s allies
in W I, which he said prove that the massacre of Armenians had been
planned and carried out by then Turkish government. He added that the
fact of the Genocide cannot be subject of discussions, as it is an
undeniable fact and “once Turks try to raise it we shall walk out of
the meeting.”