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Thursday, July 22, 2004


NEW YORK, NY- From a large and highly competitive candidate pool, 34
aspiring professionals were selected to participate in AGBU’s 17th
Annual New York Summer Intern Program (NYSIP). The Program selection
process while difficult, focuses on individuals who have not only
demonstrated an ability to excel in their respective academic
environments, but have also balanced such scholastic success with
diverse and impressive extracurricular interests. The 2004 intern
class, hailing from Austria, Brazil, Canada, England, France,
Switzerland and the United States is no exception, and each has been
provided with a unique and invaluable opportunity to gain the
vocational experience necessary to complement their various fields of
study. The United Nations, the Mayor’s Office, ESPN Radio and Wachovia
Securities are among the organizations participating in the Program.
All this within an exciting backdrop that is New York City.

“Interning at David Scheinfeld and Associates has been an amazing
experience. I was able to gain insight as to how the legal system
operates and thus enabled me to decide if I want to pursue this as a
career in Austria.” (Bagin Hartunian-Tahmasians, Austria)

In addition to providing each intern with a ‘day job,’ the eight-week
Program itinerary includes a number of educational and cultural events
for its participants. Thus far, the interns have attended a lecture
exploring the psychological effects of genocide and trauma, presented
by Dr. Anie Kalayjian, and have been introduced to the literature of
Arthur Nersesian and Nancy Kricorian through a series of book readings
by the authors. At a Young Professionals of Greater New York (YPGNY)
sponsored event Mr. Nersessian discussed his “Chinese Takeout, ” while
a later seminar would highlight Ms. Kricorian’s “Dreams of Bread and

“Growing up, I wasn’t very involved in the Armenian Community. I am
grateful to the AGBU New York Summer Internship Program for organizing
such thought provoking lectures that have enabled me to rediscover my
own identity.” (Kristina Kazarian, USA )

With a further three weeks remaining, each intern is seeking to
maximize their time in the Big Apple. While they have wholeheartedly
embraced the professional opportunities afforded to them, they have
equally made themselves available for various community service
projects. Of particular note, the Program participants volunteered
their services for the Target Children’s Day at the South Street
Seaport, sponsored by Target Stores, as part of the Downtown NYC River
to River Festival 2004, and in association with Thirteen/WNET New
York, as well as for the Sunshine for Seniors Program in conjunction
with YPGNY. Along the way, all have started on a road that will see
them maintain lasting friendships with like-minded young cosmopolitan

“I’ll be leaving New York… knowing that I have a wealth of
friends… who have shared my experience and culture. Best of all
though: I’ll be leaving New York as an Armenian.” (Emily Ohanjanians,
Toronto, Canada)

The AGBU New York Summer Intern Program would not be possible without
the guidance, dedication and generous support of Vartkess and Rita
Balian, founders of the Program and co-chairs of the President’s Club
since 1987, whose invaluable leadership has inspired interns from
around the world. The President’s Club, as sponsors of the Program,
have sustained and expanded the Program in order to offer Armenian
students opportunities to gain professional work experience that will
aid them in their future careers.