Law Restrict Sanitary Inspections’ Struggle for Sanitary Safety


YEREVAN, JULY 21. ARMINFO. The State Epidemiological and Hygienic
Inspection, RA Ministry of Health, has no right to conduct inspections
at enterprises or trading institutions without notifying them, Head of
the Inspection Artavazd Vanyan told ARMINFO.

He said that the law allows inspectors to conduct sanitary inspections
only once a year, notifying the enterprises three days in
advance. “Enterprises have time to get ready for inspections, and they
do not produce any results,” Vanyan said. Enterprises often close
their doors before inspectors, and small ones suspend their
activities. According to Vanyan, if inspectors find any violations of
sanitary conditions of producing or keeping foodstuff, they can
decided to impose a 1,000 AMD fine on the enterprise or order it to be
closed. However, in a number of cases punishment does not produce any
effect, and the law breaker pay little fines and continue their
work. To control the situation the State Inspection elaborated new
sanitary norms, which are to be included in the draft law on sanitary
safety to be submitted to the Government late this year or early next
year. Also, the Inspection submitted proposals for amendments to the
Code of Administrative Offences, which stipulate fines of 50-100
thousand AMD for violating sanitary standards. High fines and legal
specification of the Inspection’s activities will enhance the
efficiency of sanitary control at all institutions, Vanyan said.