ANKARA: Turks And Armenians Exchange Documents To Discuss Genocide

Anadolu Agency
July 20 2004

Turks And Armenians Exchange Documents To Discuss So-called Genocide

ANKARA – Turks and Armenians exchanged documents in Austrian capital
Vienna to discuss the so-called genocide allegations, sources said on

Sources told A.A correspondent that Turkish and Armenian authorities
met in Vienna on July 16th under chairmanship of Prof. Bihl of Vienna
Armenian Turkish Platform (VAT) and presented 100 documents to each

Turkish delegation headed by Yusuf Halacoglu, the Chairman of Turkish
History Agency (TTK) gave 100 documents collected from several
archives and disproving the claims that Turks carried out a genocide
against the Armenians.

On the other hand, Armenian delegation handed over 199 documents to
Turkish delegations regarding their own claims.

Turkish and Armenian authorities will examine these documents till
the end of December 2004, and if necessary, they can present 80 more
documents to each other till May 2005.

Turkish and Armenian officials will meet again in 2005 and discuss
so-called genocide allegations in the light of these exchanged