BAKU: X-State adviser calls for right definition of NK conflict

Azeri ex-state adviser calls for right definition of Karabakh conflict

ANS TV, Baku
18 Jul 04

[Presenter] The government is not defining correctly the term the
Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, and this might cause a problem for
Azerbaijan in the resolution of it, Vafa Quluzada, former foreign
policy adviser, has voiced concern in a statement.

Let us recall that Armenia’s aggression against Azerbaijan was
described as the Armenian-Azerbaijani [conflict] until 2002, however,
Karabakh’s name was also added to this about two years ago.

[Vafa Quluzada, voice] This is an absolutely wrong description and
therefore, we should revise our policy. We used the term conflict up
to now and we were wrong. We called it the
Azerbaijani-Armenian-Nagornyy Karabakh conflict and we were wrong
again. This is an aggression against the Azerbaijani lands by Armenia
with the help of Russia. When we call it the
Azerbaijan-Armenia-Nagornyy Karabakh conflict, this means that we are
secretly recognizing Nagornyy Karabakh.

You know, maybe the point at that time was to resolve the issue at the
expense of Nagornyy Karabakh. The use of such an expression at the
time was possible. However, [the former president of Azerbaijan]
Heydar Aliyev did not agree with this. Heydar Aliyev completely
rejected what had been done in Key West and opted for the principle of
complete liberation of the occupied Azerbaijani lands.

At present the Azerbaijani leadership should pay attention to the
terminology and avoid wrong terms. It should define this as Armenia’s
aggression against Azerbaijan, or an aggression against Azerbaijan by
Armenia with the help of Russia. Just look at [Georgian President]
Saakashvili who has charged Russia with aggression and occupation, and
he will be the victor. However, when we state that our lands are
disputed, we should then have lengthy talks with the aggressor, then
it turns out that we are fully in accord with the co-chairs [as