BAKU: Two Armenian fugitives to be granted asylum in Europe – lawyer

Two Armenian fugitives said to be granted asylum in Europe – Azeri lawyer

ANS TV, Baku
19 Jul 04

[Presenter in studio] Fugitives Artur Apresyan and Roman Teryan who
have fled from [President] Robert Kocharyan’s Armenia and come to
Azerbaijan are about to be handed over to a third country, but the
refugees themselves do not know about that yet.

[Correspondent over archive footage of the two fugitives] Artur
Apresyan and Roman Teryan who fled Armenia for Azerbaijan on 7 April
and who have since been held at the National Security Ministry’s
remand facility, will leave Azerbaijan within one month. This
information has been shared with us by the director of the Committee
for Democracy and Human Rights, Cingiz Qanizada.

According to him, this was discussed about 10 days ago during a
meeting between several human rights activists and National Security
Minister Namiq Abbasov. Without elaborating which country this might
be, Qanizada said it would be a West European state. Artur Apresyan
and Roman Teryan are still unaware of this.

The Armenian fugitives are saying that only the Red Cross has been
taking interest in their fate of late.

[Passage omitted: known details]

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress