Tukey’s Chairmanship at PACE Prvented by Armenia


Stated Foreign Minister of Cyprus

17 July 2004

Haruth Sasunian, publisher of “The Californian Curier’ , has informed
in the July 14 issue of Azg about the decision of the Turkish
Government to give up its determination to take up PACE chairmanship,
conditioning it by RA Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian’s statement
saying that Armenia wil exercise its right for veto against Turkey’s

This gave Sasunian to make conclusions about the Armenian diplomatic
victory and the failure of Turkey and the U.S. in their attempts to
exert pressure on Armenia. His conclusion was affirmed by Hathem
Jabbarlu, employee of te Eurasian Center for Strategic Researches in
Ankara, in his article “ArmeniaConducts More Dynamic and Succesful
Policy, Particularly against Turkey andAzerbaijan” that was published
in translation in the previous issue of Azg.

As for the conclusion made by Haruth Sasunian, it is also affirmed by
Yorgo Yakovo, Foreign Minister of Cyprus. According to data provided
by Anatolu agency, he denied the statements of the Greek press that
“Cyprus prevented Turkey’s candidacy for Chairmanship at PACE”, saying
that “though we were not going to support a country that refuses to
compline its commitments, cyprus has done nothing to prevent Turkey’s
candidacy for Chairmanship at PACE.” Then he added the Turkey’s
candidacy for chairmanship at PACe was prevented by Armenia’s threat
to excersise its right for veto.

By Hakob Chaqrian