Armenia Fund USA Puts the Future Back into Hands of the NK People

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Armenia Fund USA Puts the Future Back into the Hands of the People of

Armenia Fund USA is redefining the very idea of sustainability by taking
training to a new level with the staff and physicians of the new Armine
Pagoumian Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center in Karabakh’s capital of
Stepanakert. Under the leadership of public health expert Dr. Alina
Dorian, the Polyclinic project has blossomed into a comprehensive health
care program that involves everything from intensive training for
administration and health care professionals to state of the art
equipment with technicians and Armenian language manuals.

“Developing a quality health system is a long-term process requiring
fundamental changes in the culture of quality,” says Dr. Alina Dorian.
“The scope of quality includes not only the achievement of best outcome
but also equity, safety, effectiveness, efficiency, appropriateness,
availability, access, acceptability, and user choice. The main
challenge is to bring together the key stakeholders; this project brings
together health care providers, health authorities, and the community to
apply evidence-based thinking at the level of everyday practice.” On
board for the development and implementation of the training modules is
an impressive list of collaborators including: UCLA’s Center for
International Emergency Medicine, Yerevan’s Academy of Medicine, the
American University of Armenia’s Center for Health Services Research and
Development, Johns Hopkins University’s Center for International
Emergency Disaster and Refugee Studies, MediTech Company, and members
from Karabakh’s local community for whom the Polyclinic is the only
viable channel for medical care.

Comprehensive training and the power of new medical knowledge and
treatment modalities constitute the most direct route to ensuring the
sustainability for both the Center and the state of healthcare in the
Republic. Health care professionals in Karabakh have not undergone
retraining since 1988. Since independence, the system has been severely
plagued with a lack of funding and shortages of basic supplies,
reagents, and modern equipment for diagnosis, treatment, and
sterilization. Health education and counseling training are non-existent
in the current health institute curricula.

Once buildings are complete and equipment is delivered, it is the
administrators, health professionals, and support staff that must manage
and promote new standards for healthcare in Karabakh. The Center’s
training program involves four Modules that cover the spectrum in care
and management.

Designated modules will utilize multimedia CD-ROMS created exclusively
for the health care needs of Karabakh, a first for the region. The
educational program will also aim to improve the history and physical
examination skills of care providers. The multimedia medical education
program is efficient, portable, reality-based, and cost-effective.
Large volumes of medical information, radiographic images, and
patient-care scenarios are compiled into a resource that is both
portable and easily duplicated. In order to provide comprehensive
training support, five personal computers will be provided to the
Polyclinic for ongoing educational purposes.

“We are not just producing a building; buildings don’t save lives. We
are focusing on the physicians, the nurses, and the very people
themselves. We are giving Karabakh an opportunity to be their own
primary care givers and takers; we are empowering them with the ability
to heal themselves, and that is far more powerful than the most
impressive of building exteriors.” Close to $300,000 worth of X-ray,
ECG, EEG, and MRI equipment is being acquired from Meditech, a medical
equipment and technology company based in Yerevan. The equipment will
come ready with Armenian language operating manuals and will be staffed
by engineers specially trained to maintain and repair the equipment.
Furnishings ranging from beds and curtains to conference rooms are also
incorporated in the facility plan.

The Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center has many visionary philanthropists
behind its success. Hirair and Anna Hovnanian made a generous
contribution of $400,000 towards a journey of healing for the Republic
of Karabakh.

Fundraising efforts for the new medical complex were recently closed
with a generous donation of $125,000 in addition to an existing
commitment of $750,000 from philanthropist George Pagoumian.

Thanks to the conscience of generous benefactors, the leadership of
dedicated visionaries, and the involvement of leading health advocators,
Karabakh stands the chance at providing its people with competent
healthcare. Karabakh cannot be a viable and strong nation unless it is
first a healthy one.

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