ANKARA: French Armenians to Protest Erdogan

Zaman, Turkey
July 13 2004

French Armenians to Protest Erdogan

Armenian Associations in France are busily preparing a series of
protests to greet Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan when he
begins a three-day visit to Paris on July 19.

The Coordination Council of Armenian Associations in France, FRA
Tasnaksutiun and ADL Ramgayar associations invited Armenians to
protests to be held against Erdogan in Paris and Marseille on July
20. An announcement from the groups points out that Erdogan will come
to France seeking support for Turkey’s European Union (EU)

“We are not able to accept the EU membership of a Turkey that refuses
the claims of genocide. We cannot allow Erdogan to misinform the
public and run a public relations campaign,” says the announcement.

The associations claim that Ankara is running a large scale
propaganda campaign aimed at showing that Turkey has fulfilled the
Copenhagen Criteria. In response, the associations are calling upon
Armenians to join in the ‘No to Turkey’ campaign.

Erdogan is set to meet with French President Jacques Chirac, Prime
Minister Jean Pierre Raffarin as well as the leaders of political
parties and businessmen during his visit.

Ali Ihsan Aydin

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress