Hailstorm Damages Crops in Armenian District


Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
10 Jul 04

(Presenter) A hailstorm has hit Armenia’s Armavir district. The
farmers of this district have been deprived of their harvest, annual
income, and have got into serious debt. The farmers joke that what is
brought by water is also gone with water.

(Correspondent over video of villages damaged by hailstorm) About 810
hectares of vineyards, grain and vegetable fields of Armavir
District’s village of Janfida were completely damaged by a strong
hailstorm on Friday (9 July). The strong wind broke the windows and
roofs of schools, village and district houses and damaged the
village’s roads. Seven villages of the district have been greatly

(Passage omitted: The farmers are complaining about their losses)

(Correspondent) Land is the only source of income for the farmers of
Janfida and other villages. The natural disaster has put these people
in a difficult situation. As well as being deprived of their annual
income, the farmers have got into serious debt. They do not know how
to return bank loans and pay interest rates. The farmers’ only hope is
the government’s support and selling at a high price the part of the
harvest that survived.

A special group set up in the district council is estimating the
damage caused by the hail.

Anna Vartanyan for “Aylur”.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress