Armenian ship sets off on Europe-wide voyage

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July 12, 2004 Monday 1:24 PM Eastern Time

Armenian ship sets off on Europe-wide voyage

YEREVAN, Armenia

An Armenia sailing vessel modeled after a 13th century ship set off
Monday from a Georgian port on a trip that will take it past 22

The ship, Kilikiya, left the Georgian Black Sea port of Poti en route
to Venice, Italy. It will spend the winter in Venice, and then depart
for Amsterdam next spring.

Karen Balaian, president of the Club of Maritime Investigations which
is sponsoring the trip, said the ship, which was built in the
Armenian capital using 13th century drafts and drawings, will follow
a popular trade route used in the 13th century.

Officials hope that the ship will be met in each port by members of
the Armenian Diaspora. Another goal, they said, is to remind the
world that ancient Armenia was not landlocked like the present day
nation, Balaian said.