Armenian NPP to shut down for overhaul on July 23

July 8 2004

Armenian NPP to shut down for overhaul on July 23

Yerevan. (Interfax) – The Armenian nuclear power plant, operated by
ZAO Inter UES of Russia, will shut down for an overhaul and refueling
on July 23 and not, as planned, on July 15, Armenian State Atomic
Energy Oversight head Ashot Martirosian told Interfax.
The decision was made because the plant is currently low on fuel.

The plant was originally scheduled to shut down on July 15, “but the
plant reduced capacity because of high waters from the spring
flooding and the diversion of water resources to generate
electricity,” Martirosian said.

The work will last 65 days, during which, after the nuclear fuel is
loaded, an overhaul is planned for the reactor and two operating
turbines of the second generating unit. One-third of the new fuel
consignment, some 100 cassettes, will be loaded and paid for by
Russia. This should be sufficient for the plant to work until summer
2005, Martirosian said.

The Armenian NPP generated 1.9 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity
in 2003, 36% of total electricity generation in Armenia.

ZAO Inter UES of Russia, which exports and imports electricity to
Russia and other countries, took over management of the plant in
September 2003. Inter UES is a subsidiary of Unified Energy System
(UES) of Russia, with 60% of the shares, and state-run enterprise
Rosenergoatom, with 40%.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress