Russia-Armenia relations are on the rise, Russian MP says

RIA Novosti, Russia
July 6 2004


MOSCOW, July 6 (RIA Novosti) – Russia-Armenia relations are on the
rise, believes Andrei Kokoshin, chair of the CIS Affairs Committee in
the State Duma, or the lower Russian parliamentary house.

In a RIA interview after his meeting with Vardan Oskanyan Tuesday,
Kokoshin said that the Armenian Foreign Minister’s visit had
demonstrated yet again that the two countries were steadily improving
their relations, as befit strategic allies.

“If all states of the region built their national security systems
within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty, like Armenia
does, peace would be much more durable here,” the Russian MP argues.

According to Kokoshin, his detailed talks with Oskanyan covered a
whole number of issues relating to bilateral Russo-Armenian relations
as well as international security issues of mutual concern, including
the situation in the South Caucasus, economic cooperation, and
Armenia’s involvement in integration processes inside the
Commonwealth of Independent States.

Russia and Armenia stand close on issues concerning the threat of
Georgia’s internal conflicts spilling over to neighboring countries,
Kokoshin said. He expressed hope that Russia and Armenia would
continue to develop their economic and humanitarian cooperation.