Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia included in European Neighbourhood, France
July 5 2004

Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia included in the European
Neighbourhood Policy.

Commissioner Janez Potoènik will visit Georgia, Azerbaijan and
Armenia on 5-8 July. The visits follow the decision by the Council to
include this countries in the European Neighbourhood Policy.

Commissioner Janez Potoènik will visit Georgia on 5-6 July,
Azerbaijan on 6-7 July and Armenia on 7-8 July. The visits follow the
decision by the Council on 14 June to include the three Southern
Caucasian countries in the European Neighbourhood Policy. Mr Potoènik
will welcome the countries into the European Neighbourhood Policy and
explain the significance of the initiative to his counterparts.

Commissioner Potoènik will meet with the Presidents and the Prime
Ministers of the three countries. He will also hold meetings with
other government members, members of Parliament and opposition
leaders. He will take the opportunity to address wider audiences,
including civil and business societies, on the ENP and its
significance for the Southern Caucasus.

Mr Potoènik will explain the objectives of the ENP initiative to his
counterparts and set out the next steps to be made by the countries
in order to follow-up on the Council decision. The bilateral talks
will also touch on the EU’s relations with these countries more
generally. Mr Potoènik will encourage the partners to put special
emphasis on conflict resolution and prevention and underline the
importance of strengthening regional cooperation.

The visit takes place in the context of the EU’s continuing efforts
to strengthen political relations with the region and to be more
actively involved in conflict prevention, confidence-building
measures and post conflict rehabilitation.

On 14 June the Council decided to include Georgia, Azerbaijan and
Armenia in the European Neighbourhood Policy. At the same time, the
Council endorsed the Commission’s strategy for putting the ENP into

The objective of the European Neighbourhood Policy is to share the
benefits of the EU’s 2004 enlargement with neighbouring countries –
i.e. stability, security and well-being – in a way that is distinct
from EU membership. It is designed to prevent the emergence of new
dividing lines between the enlarged Union and its neighbours and to
offer them an increasingly close relationship with the EU involving a
significant degree of economic integration and a deepening of
political cooperation.

The ENP will also help address one of the strategic objectives the
European Union set in the European Security Strategy in December
2003, that of building security in our neighbourhood.

Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia all have Partnership and Cooperation
Agreements in force with the EU. The EU will consider the possibility
of developing jointly agreed Action Plans, as foreseen by the ENP
strategy, with the three countries on the basis of their individual

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress