FC international committee calls for ratification of adapted CFE

ITAR-TASS News Agency
July 5, 2004 Monday

FC international committee calls for ratification of adapted CFE

By Lyudmila Yermakova


Committee on International Affairs at the Federation Council, the
upper house of parliament, has supported the ratification of the
Conventional Forces in Europe treaty (CFE) and decided to recommend
the house members to ratify the document at a plenary session on July

“The treaty is one of basic elements forming the patterns of European
security and stability,” the committee’s chairman, Mikhail Margelov

“The ratification will enable Russia to keep its military forces in
Ukraine and Armenia,” he said. “The treaty also envisages the
building up of confidence between Russia and NATO and precludes the
covert formation of large-scale forces in Europe.”

Considering the fact that only Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have
ratified the adapted treaty, the committee members decided to prepare
a letter of address to other 27 signatories urging them to do

On Tuesday, July 6, the letter of address will be submitted to the
council of the upper house and on Wednesday, July 7, to the all the
house members for affirmation.

Members of the Committee also called on the Federation Council and
the State Duma, the lower house, “to take steps to consolidating
Russia’s positions in different international organizations,
including in the Council of Europe (CE) and NATO, so as to press for
ratification of the treaty.”